About Us


  • Our course was developed out of the need for multidisciplinary practical teaching for medical microneedling as a beauty enhancing treatment. We also teach how to use platelet rich plasma with microneedling to maximize results.


  • Our course is appropriate for physicians, physicians' assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, cosmetologists, aestheticians,  other skin care providers, and even home users.  Our training course is designed to help clinicians at all levels who are interested in enhancing their microneedling skills.  Our course is constructed so that beginners and experienced microneedling users will benefit. Most of our participants are professionals but even the home user has attended and benefitted from our practical microneedling tips. 
  • Please note that medical microneedling is considered  a medical procedure and the ability to do this procedure is dependent upon state law.  Some states may allow physicians to delegate the procedure to properly trained   providers (including aestheticians and cosmetologists)....please check with your state licensing board and state regulations!


  • Our faculty are physicians, nurses, and aestheticians who have greater than 25 combined years in health care, medical education, and aesthetics.  They bring a fresh practical approach to aesthetic training based on real world experiences and extensive medical knowledge of how to supercharge microneedling results with platelet rich plasma (PRP).